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Kim de Groot is a design researcher with an MA in new media. She is part of the lectoraat Communication in a digital age and teaches new media at the Willem de Kooning academy Kim's research deals with the inverted relation between image and reality. Moving from representation to the performative, from the visual to the infrastructural, images are no longer created to represent a reality but to manage it. Kim examines images as informational objects and traces the relations between image, event and media.

Project Grey


newspaper puzzlenewspaper puzzle

A short update on Project Grey, a research project on de Vergrijzing of MV and me, Kim de Groot.

After a meeting today our goal is getting more clear. We are looking for ways to deal with and work with knowledge of elder people in general. More specifically we want to offer elder people the advantages of digital communication structures without bringing them to a screen per se. Instead of assuming elder people would benefit from using a computer we have decided to turn this around and think of ways in which other people could benefit from elder people, as great archives of stories and knowledge. Why search for information on Google, search for stories and find out who could tell you more!

Next step for project Grey is to think of various ways to approach (elder) people as walking archives and ask them for help instead of Google. An update and sketches of project Grey can be found here soon but also on our project Grey weblog.

more sketches:
alternative newspaperalternative newspaper
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visual image piano
image piano