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Kim de Groot is a design researcher with an MA in new media. She is part of the lectoraat Communication in a digital age and teaches new media at the Willem de Kooning academy Kim's research deals with the inverted relation between image and reality. Moving from representation to the performative, from the visual to the infrastructural, images are no longer created to represent a reality but to manage it. Kim examines images as informational objects and traces the relations between image, event and media.

To walk around an image


The method I’m using for my visual research is to develop concepts in Sketchup, a 3D modeling software. The most interesting and inspiring aspect of the software is that it allows me to walk around an image. collection of notes detached from image planecollection of notes detached from image plane

playing with notes on the Flickr imageplaying with notes on the Flickr imageIn many ways it opens up the potential of the image. For example, turning the image in SketchUp into an architectural model, allows me to work with the archival potentials of the digital image.

In translating the notations added to the image (its metadata) into an 3D model, the status of the original image (the painting) is challenged.
SketchUp enabled me to manipulate the Image as Map of interconnected Note objects. A question is how the 3D models in SketchUp could represent the internal networks of the image at the same time to allow for a rescripting of relations and protocols of the Flickr image?
Does the Image as Map allow for a protocological development of this particular image?

Detaching notes from image planeDetaching notes from image plane

While working on extending the Flickr image as Map in Sketchup I bumped into a diagram from Anthony Burke. It displays the influence of technology and economics on the built environment, describing how technology has influenced the architectural model, moving from a horizontal state towards a vertical state and eventually ending up at the ambient situation of architecture with a "decreasing necessity for a precise locale and strict relationship to ground".
I would say that my SketchUp models of the Flickr image are yet at the vertical stage. Next is to move to the ambient state. What is the potential of disconnecting the plane of the image from its notes, its metadata?

*anthony burke, redefining network paradigms, network practices, new strategies in architecture and design, princeton architecture press, 2007.