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Kim de Groot is a design researcher with an MA in new media. She is part of the lectoraat Communication in a digital age and teaches new media at the Willem de Kooning academy Kim's research deals with the inverted relation between image and reality. Moving from representation to the performative, from the visual to the infrastructural, images are no longer created to represent a reality but to manage it. Kim examines images as informational objects and traces the relations between image, event and media.

Imaginary Property INTERVENTIONS


On Bakhtin: Symposium with Arianna Bove, Maurizio Lazzarato, Angela Melitopoulos

Maurizio LazzaratoMaurizio Lazzarato

Intervention #3 will be centered around some of the theories of the Russian philosopher Mikhail Bakhtin. The "imaginary property" research group invites to a small symposium on May 16th featuring three guests and a screening: After "Passing Drama" a film by Angela Melitopoulos, Arianna Bove, Maurizio Lazzarato, and Angela Melitopoulos will give presentations that are linked up with Bakhtins radical reconceptualization of the relation between self and other. Bakhtin suggests an event-like relation between “possible worlds”. The other is neither an object nor a subject; it is the expression of possible worlds.

"Bakhtin’s philosophy can still speak to us because it poses the problem of the relationship between life and culture, between life and art, a problem that traversed the entire beginning of the century, and the 1920ies in particular. The solution given by Bakhtin to this problem is markedly distinct from the solution of the ‘avant-gardes’. According to Bakhtin, in order to ‘overcome’ the separation and opposition between art and life, between art and culture, the elaboration of a ‘first philosophy’ is required: The philosophy of event-being. Art and life cannot and must not tend towards identification, as was the case with the Situationists, for example. But, in order that the enriching, excessive and productive difference between art and life be able to express itself, it is necessary to possess a theory which, whilst maintaining the irreducible differences between these two dimensions, articulates them in the achievement of the event." (Maurizio Lazzarato: Dialogism and Polyphony).

About the guests:

Arianna Bove is an independent researcher in philosophy, involved in the making of, where her research, articles and translations can be found. She has translated many works from Italian and French, including texts by Althusser, Foucault, Negri, Bifo, Virno, and others.

Maurizio Lazzarato is a sociologist and philosopher who lives and works in Paris. he is one of the founders of the Multitudes revue and member of its editorial board. Among his recent publications are: Lavoro immateriale. Forme di vita e produzione di soggettivita (1997); Videofilosofia. Percezione e lavoro nel postfordismo (1997); Tute Bianche. Disoccupazione di massa et reddito di cittadinanza (1999); Post-face à Monadologie et sociologie (1999); Puissance de l'invention. La psychologie economique de Gabriel Tarde contre l'economie politique (2002); Les Revolutions du capitalisme (2004)

Angela Melitopoulos, artist in the time-based arts, realizes video-essays, installations, documentaries and sound pieces and curates exhibitions and seminars. Her work focuses on duration and mnemonic micro-processes in documentation. She studied fine Arts with Nam June Paik. She is collaborating in political networks in Europe and Turkey and publishes theoretical articles on her artwork and on mnemopolitics. Her work was awarded and shown on many international video and film festivals, exhibitions and museums (Antonin Tapies Foundation Barcelona, KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin, Manifesta 7, Centre Georges Pompidou Paris, Whitney Museum New York, among others). Currently she is a research fellow at the Matrix East Lab in the University of East London and a Phd student at the departement for Research Architecture at the Goldsmiths College in London.