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Kim de Groot is a design researcher with an MA in new media. She is part of the lectoraat Communication in a digital age and teaches new media at the Willem de Kooning academy Kim's research deals with the inverted relation between image and reality. Moving from representation to the performative, from the visual to the infrastructural, images are no longer created to represent a reality but to manage it. Kim examines images as informational objects and traces the relations between image, event and media.


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Live Twitter event at Onomatopee in Eindhoven including blue birds and floating tagcloud... You are invited!

On the first of July I will talk about my project Like the #oilspill and present a floating tagcloud at Onomatopee's project space in Eindhoven. Afterwards we will boost the topic #liketheoilspill together through live tweeting. It all starts at 20:00, hope you can make it and in the mean time... turn #liketheoilspill into a trending topic on Twitter!


opening 'time machines' 10 april

Saturday 10 April, during the National Museum Weekend, Play Van Abbe Part 2, Time Machines, will open. In this part, utopian museum models of the past and radical historical prototypes will be assessed to find out if and how they can be applied today. How does a museum tell a story through presentation techniques and what are the underlying assumptions? We will be delving into the structure of the museum to examine its foundations, historical and otherwise. The museum reveals itself as a machine that continually produces a past via a mechanism of selection and exhibition: it is a time machine in the literal sense.

Play Van Abbe - Part 2
Time Machines
10/04/2010 - 12/09/2010
Location: Van Abbemuseum
Opening: Saturday, 10 April 2010 16:00

Programme opening
16.00 – 16.30 Speech opening in the auditorium by the major of Eindhoven, Rob van Gijzel and Charles Esche, director Van Abbemuseum
16.45 – 19.30 Tours by special guest guides
18.30 – 19.00 Performance by Spartacus Chetwynd

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